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A Doctor Manages to add 20 years to a 90-year-old lady

Anthony Manquero

Mar 28, 2023

Most People Call her Story a miracle. She Calls Him Her Doctor

Most of you reading this have been victims to an alluring headline. Whether it was as big as buying a scheming product or as little as wasting your precious time.  

Unfortunately, we live in a time where people can counterfeit facts for financial gain.

The moral truth hides beneath the web, that is because the truth doesn’t sell. 

We look up to the professionals to fill in the gap, but even they (e.g Doctors/Physicians) have hidden motives, like selling a vitamin or a supplement. Whatever it is, it leaves an empty trail of who’s so-called advice to follow.  

We all know that there is just one truth. But with a world filled with nonsense, where does that leave you?

Let's take a look at this wonderful lady’s story. 

Her name? 


Rosa was taken to her drs. appointments on a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk. The doctor did the usual, checked her A1C . She knew with more appointments to come she would be closer to her deathbed. The diabetes was taking her life one day at a time. 

She remembers suffering, in pain injecting herself in her stomach legs. She reaches over to turn on the tv to distract her from the idea of not waking up that night. She sees this commercial that says “no more insulin! No More Insulin! Quickly she tells her caregiver to make her an appointment. 

The very next day she meets the most “caring, loving, professional doctor.”

After questioning his program she gives it a try

2 months after trying his Diabetes Program she begins to realize how young she feels. She’s no longer confined to a wheelchair, or has the idea of dying anymore. She dances with the other seniors in the senior club and is a living example of what most people would call a miracle. 

Rosa is 90-years-young so she doesn’t spend much time online, where she would be vulnerable for others to prey on her naivete, since there aren’t as many regulations online as tv commercials. 

In her experience she found the truth and that might be the same for you. 

And for the man that changed this woman's life? 

Dr. Mahfouz Michael 

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