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Wound Care


What We Offer  

Sutures or stitches that have been in put in place after surgery or an injury, need to be carefully removed. We can assess your wound and remove the stitches in a safe and efficient manner.

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5 Benefits Urgent Care Offers

1. Competitive Rates – Compared to a visit to the emergency room at the hospital, our urgent care facility in Venice is a far more affordable option.

2. Follow Up Care – When you visit Venice Urgent Care our physicians conduct follow up care to ensure you are healthy and comfortable after your initial visit.

3. Onsite Medication – At Venice Urgent Care you don’t have to make your way to a pharmacy after a visit because we provide in-house medication for prescriptions our doctors write.

4. Physicians – When you come to our urgent care in Venice you get to see an actual doctor with years of medical experience; whereas at most hospitals, you see a nurse or physician’s assistant first.

5. Minimal Wait Times – As our Venice walk-in clinic doesn’t accept appointments, you can visit anytime before 30 minutes of closing. Unlike hospitals, our wait times are minimal; allowing you to get care next to immediately after arriving.

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