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Do you have to see a doctor after a moderate accident?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

When should you go to urgent care for an injury?

Sometimes you see your family doctor and sometimes you see an emergency doctor. But when should you go to an urgent care? The attending physician is responsible for general health care, such as physical examinations and non-urgent injuries, while the emergency physician is responsible for urgent care, such as life-threatening injuries. Urgent care provides medical attention for minor but urg

ent health conditions such as minor sprains, simple sports injuries, or common work-rel

ated injuries.

A large part of urgent care delivery is providing emergency services and immediate medical care so that urgent care does not require an appointment. Get same-day service and instant medical care. Anyone can participate, regardless of age or gender, so injured family members such as children and elderly parents can also participate. Injured employees are also covered by first aid, so they can go if they get hurt on the job and need medical or other services.

What injuries can be treated at urgent care?

For minor but urgent health problems, emergency medical services can be contacted. These include minor injuries such as minor cuts requiring sutures, simple fractures requiring immobilization and casts, minor sprains or strains requiring bandages, minor sports injuries, and work-related injuries. It is included. As long as the injury is not life-threatening, it can be treated at an emergency clinic like ours.

We can provide all the services you need for your

injury, including casts, sutures, ongoing care, and referrals to rehabilitation specialists. We can also provide digital x-rays and some diagnostic ultrasounds. Another part of the service we provide is providing medical examinations if required. These help us identify specific minor injuries and chronic conditions that require our care. Accidents at work

can also be treated here.

Does urgent care offer workers comp services?

Yes! Urgent clinics like ours offer occupational injury and work injury services such as evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. We will help you with all the necessary paperwork and provide the completed paperwork to your employer. In addition, we will do our best to help you understand your employer's needs while communicating your needs to them. If you are an employer, you can provide all of the above services your employees need. Employers and employees please contact us for more information or our services.

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