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Laboratory (Urine & Blood) 


Experience the Convenience of an In-House Medical Laboratory

Experience the Convenience of an In-House Medical Laboratory

Patients can receive a number of lab testing services such as blood testing or STD testing on a walk-in basis. See the list below of types of medical tests that are offered at San Miguel Urgent Care clinics and processed on-site at the medical laboratory of each facility.

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Testing for the Flu

The risk of influenza is at its peak during flu season (from October to May), but the potential to catch the flu is present year round. If you are suddenly experiencing aches and pains accompanied by fever and chills, visit a clinic that’s part of the UrgentCare Network for quick flu diagnoses within minutes. Our clinics utilize rapid influenza diagnostic tests which involve a simple swabbing of the inside of the nose or the back of the throat. Thanks to the presence of our on-site medical labs, our doctors can provide flu test results in a mere 15 minutes.

Testing for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is an illness that affects the upper respiratory tract that causes inflammation, mucus, and results in difficulty breathing, wheezing, and a nagging cough. It is highly contagious and be spread by airborne contact, physical contact with a contaminated surface or person, and through saliva.

There are two types of bronchitis, acute and chronic, and while bronchitis can heal on its own, some many cases require medical treatment of antibiotics. It is recommended you visit your doctor at the first signs of wheezing and increased sputum in order to diagnose the type of bronchitis properly.

Acute bronchitis is usually the result of a viral infection and requires a doctor’s examination to determine whether medication is necessary. Diagnosing bronchitis is a simple process that can typically be accomplished with a simple physical examination. If your affliction is more severe, the physician may recommend an x-ray to view the condition of your lungs or call for a mucus sample, formally known as a sputum culture.

Sputum (also known as phlegm) is the mucus your body produces in reaction to an infection, this lab test is used to examine the precise cause of your illness or whether your sputum production is due to allergies. If you have been having trouble breathing, find a clinic part of San Miguel Urgent Care where you can be examined without an appointment and have your lab test processed at our on-site medical laboratory.

Testing for Strep Throat

  • There are two methods by which strep throat can be detected. Urgent care clinics typically prefer the rapid antigen test in lieu of the traditional throat culture method which has a much shorter wait time for results.

  • The clinics part of San Miguel Urgent Care diagnosing cases of strep throat using a simple diagnostic test called the rapid antigen test. This procedure involves swabbing the back of the throat to determining whether streptococcus, strep-causing bacteria, is present.

  • Strep throat test results are developed very quickly, and since the clinics of San Miguel Urgent Care have onsite medical laboratories to conduct the testing, strep throat results are typically available within 10 minutes.

Testing for Mononucleosis

Mononucleosis (also sometimes referred to as “mono” or “the kissing disease”) is the result of contracting the Epstein-Barr virus. A member of the herpes virus family, mono is extremely common and affects nearly 3 million every year.

This virus is spread through bodily fluids such as saliva, blood, and semen (although the latter two are not common) and symptoms include fever, tiredness, body aches, swollen lymph nodes, or loss of appetite. Visit an urgent care clinic if you are experiencing any of these for an extended period of time to test for mono.

Testing for mono involves a physical exam and a throat culture to eliminate the possibility that it is strep throat since the symptoms are very similar. All clinics that are part of San Miguel Urgent Care are able to process these tests immediately in our on-site labs for fast mono test results. If these tests are inconclusive, the doctor may recommend a blood sample to check for white blood cell abnormalities or a heterophile antibody test to indicate the presence of an infection.

Blood Testing

Blood tests are extremely common examinations that physicians can use to determine the health of various vital organs and your body as a whole. Blood tests can be used to diagnose chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, anemia, or HIV/AIDs. These tests are also extremely useful in identifying any issues with heart and whether you are at risk of heart disease.

Blood tests are conducted by taking a small sample from your body or pricking your finger for a few drops. The blood will be analyzed in the medical labs either as a whole (and blood cells are counted) or the blood is separated, and plasma is examined. The results of these types of tests are often used in conjunction with other forms of diagnostic testing to confirm one’s conditions.

Drug Testing

Drug testing is a standard service that the majority of walk-in clinics and urgent centers offer. Competitive athletes, government employees, and new job hires are frequently required to undergo this type of testing to maintain that they are eligible to participate in a variety of activities. San Miguel Urgent Care recognizes the high demand for fast drug testing in Southern California and has designed our medical facilities accordingly.

Get Diagnostic Testing Results – Fast

At our urgent care facilities, licensed physicians are on hand seven days a week to perform examinations and diagnose ailments with no appointment required. The clinics that are part of San Miguel Urgent Care offer the most convenient medical laboratory testing services in the Southern California area. Find the walk-in clinic closest to you and visit any of our locations today!

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