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Breathing Treatment 


What We Offer  

Breathing problems can appear suddenly and for no reason. Having difficulty breathing is frightening. For people who have asthma, COPD, bronchitis or any other type of lung disease or condition, knowing when the next attack might occur is unnerving. Whether you are experiencing an asthma attack for the first time, or you find yourself struggling with frequent issues when breathing, San Miguel Urgent Care is here to help.

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Nebulizer Treatment 

If you have chronic breathing difficulties, including unexpected or emergency asthma attacks or bronchitis, the clinics that make up San Miguel Urgent Care are on hand to provide breathing treatments including the use of nebulizers.

What is A Nebulizer  

A nebulizer is a breathing machine that works in the same way as a pocket inhaler. Instead of delivering a burst of spray like an inhaler, however, a nebulizer provides a steady stream of mist. This makes it easier for a person with asthma or another severe breathing issue to inhale.

How are Nebulizers Used? 

Traditional inhalers are small and easy to transport. They fit into most pockets and deliver a small burst of medicinal spray. This medicine is typically albuterol, which helps treat and prevent bronchospasm, or the tightening and swelling of the muscles which surround a person’s airways.

Nebulizers, on the other hand, are larger than inhalers. Nebulizers require a patient to breathe through a tube to inhale albuterol for a period typically between five or ten minutes. Nebulizers utilize compressed air to transform albuterol from a liquid to a mist, making it easier for those with breathing problems to inhale the medicine.  Nebulizers are much better at absorbing the medicine and are great for those experiencing attacks, or for those who cannot use inhalers properly, such as small children.

Nebulizer treatments at San Miguel Urgent Care are designed to provide immediate relief of asthma attacks, COPD, bronchitis or other breathing issues.San Miguel Urgent Care medical staff may also provide prescriptions for home nebulizer or inhaler treatments. Instead of waiting hours at an emergency department for a breathing treatment, visit any one of our clinics for same day, immediate breathing relief.

Contact San Miguel Urgent Care for Breathing Treatments Today 

If you are experiencing breathing troubles, or should you have an attack related to asthma, bronchitis, COPD, or any other breathing conditions, the walk-in clinics that make up San Miguel Urgent Care are here to help.San Miguel Urgent Care is Southern California’s largest urgent care network and specializes in providing same-day, no appointment necessary urgent medical care. With various locations, we’re the largest comprehensive urgent care network in Southern California. We’re here for you when you need us.

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